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Fortis Vodka
Vodka distilled 5X from high quality, gluten-free corn. Fortis vodka is 40% Alc/Vol and bottled in 1-liter bottles.
*All vodka is carbon filtered using our in-house charcoal filtration system and bottled by hand.

Fortis Gin
Made from 100% grain neutral spirit, we infuse the spirit with the finest botanicals used in traditional gin: juniper, orris, lavender, and angelica root, as well as some non-traditional elements like orange peel, vanilla, and coriander to give Fortis gin its unique taste profile. Fortis gin is 40% Alc/Vol and bottled in 1-liter bottles.

Fortis White Rum
Rum distilled from pure cane sugar, giving it a traditional Caribbean-style rum flavor profile. Fortis white rum is 40% Alc/Vol and bottled in 1-liter bottles.

Fortis Flavored Vodka
Our flavored vodka is distilled 5X from high quality, gluten-free corn, then bottled at 35% Alc/Vol in 1-liter bottles. Natural flavors, including REAL fruit juices and extracts, are then infused into each bottle of Fortis flavored vodka.
*Available flavors include: Citrus, Orange, Raspberry, Vanilla, Pomegranate, and Chocolate.

We finish the production process by bottling, labeling, and sealing all of the bottles by hand in the distillery before delivering to you.

Fortis products are produced and bottled by Midnight Madness Distilling, a spirits company proudly located in Quakertown, Pennsylvania. Midnight Madness Distilling began as a start-up out of Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh in 2011 and launched its first product in February of 2013. Since then, the company has grown to produce a portfolio of products that are distributed to over 350 locations across Pennsylvania.

*Call (215) 268-6071 or email for more info*

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