Always in Good Company

Meet The Whole Gang

The Fortis starting lineup. Found at your neighborhood bar.

Batting leadoff, Fortis Vodka is distilled 5X from a high quality, gluten-free blend of grains. Every drop of vodka is carbon filtered using our in-house engineered charcoal filtration system then bottled by hand.


Distilled from cane sugar and molasses, Fortis Rum has that traditional Caribbean-style rum flavor profile that is smooth enough for a simple rum, coke, and lime, yet bold enough for a Mojito or Planter’s Punch.


This is a drinking gin. Fortis Gin’s all natural origins provide a smooth yet pronounced juniper profile, making it not just a great “on the rocks” sipping gin, but also a key companion to a bubbling glass of tonic.

Flavored Vodka

Considered a natural to bat cleanup, Fortis flavored vodka may be our best kept secret. Each vodka is infused with a blend of natural flavors and fruit juices. Citrus, Orange, Vanilla, Raspberry, Pomegranate, or Chocolate.

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